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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

About Baba Food RRC

Chef: Ramish & Rizwan

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BaBa Food RRC provides golden opportunity to unemployed people especially ladies to learn the commercial level recipes that are served in restaurants so that they can start their own business from home or at commercial level.

Famous Recipes

Keema Bharey Kareley Recipe (36k Views)

Keema bharey karely by Baba Food RRC provides one of the best and easy recipes. The flavour of Qeema Karela varies from recipe to recipe and has various variations. Each person uses their own cooking techniques and assortment of ingredients to add flavour. The taste and tenderness of qeema with karela (bitter gourd) are distinctive by Baba Food RRC.

Chicken Shinwari Recipe by Baba Food RRC (1.7 Million Views)

Shinwari Karhai is a well-known dish throughout Pakistan. The Pushton Shinwari are an Afghan and Pakistani tribe. The Pushton tribes' traditional cuisine is this meal.  Shinwari Karahi by Baba Food RRC used fewer spices and has a great flavor and makes its healthy.

Chicken Karahi Recipe by Baba Food RRC (2.5 Million Views)

In Pakistan and North India, chicken karahi is a preferred poultry dish. The word "karahi" in the dish's name alludes to the thick, deep cooking pot akin to a wok in which the food is made. Baba food RRC makes it best by using Red chilli powder, cumin, garam masala, ginger, allspice, cardamom, tomatoes, and garlic are added to the meal in addition to the chicken.

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