Who can become our Food Point Partner?

  • If you own and run a food point that offer heritage food and you establish yourself as a classified TASTE and people love your food.
  • Fill the form and our team will contact you to complete the necessary steps.

Who can become our Regional Host-Chef?

  • If you love to cook and have experience in traditional food with your own recipes and are willing to serve the people.
  • Register yourself as regional host and mentioned the dish that you can cook.
  • You can upload your profile and dishes that you can serve.
  • RHF team will visit you and after verification you can become our partner as Regional Host.

How are the Food Point Selected?

  • We follow the following criteria to choose the Food Point published in RHF.
  • The food belongs to heritage food.
  • At least five-year-old food point
  • The owner or properties is Chef, and it is not franchise.
  • The taste is different and have traditional touch
  • People have to wait for their turn.
  • The food vanishes within hours and
  • After verification and validation you become our FOOD POINT PARTNER.
  • The listing of the Food point are according to the feedback reviews on RHF.


What is RHF and what kind of Food Points you can find with us

            The RHF is an online website to guide you about the heritage food, food points within the city, food point on highway, regional host-chef and travel information across the country.

Our mission at RHF is there to help you to find the idea food point depending on your search criteria as well as help you by providing feedback from the community responses.

What information can I find on the Food point main page?

  • Description or profile of the Food point
  • Direction of the Food point for navigation for how to arrive
  • Opening and closing time as well availability of food
  • Real time photo of the food point
  • Heritage dishes of the menu
  • Price list (variation is subject to food point list price)

How I filter my Search

            There are several way to filter your search, you can type key words in the search button to refine like;

  • Dish name
  • Food point name
  • Availability of food
  • Services
  • Rating
  • Price
  • Popularity

How you introduce your Food point

            You can publish your detailed profile on RHF. You can manage your page by updating information about yourself, your dishes, prices, availability and pictures etc.

RHF team ensure that Food point is optimized on search engines (linked to Google API, Yahoo and other… ) so that foodies will never miss to visit your Food point.

How I register and modify my account

You can register and modify your account details, numbers, and personal details etc. by using the RHF website

  • Use the login button and click the account update button
  • Upload the required information like;
    • Name, Address, Mobile number, email address, city etc
  • Click the subscription button and newsletter if you want to receive information and updates.

You will receive an email from RHF indicating that your account has been registered.

How I retrieve my password or forget password.

You can update and retrieve Log in details and password at any time

  • Login with your email
  • Click on “Forget password”


You will receive email from RHF with a “Password reset button” or one time password details

How can I submit my review?

you can submit the feedback or suggestion regarding

  • Experience about Food point
  • Experience about highway Food point
  • Experience about Regional Host-Chef
  • Experience about travel places
  • Want to suggest new Food point/ Chef or even food

you can give feedback by clicking the feedback button and rate the facilities and upload the photos by using feedback button.

How is my Feedback rate calculated?

            Your feedback rate is calculated according to following criteria

  • The quality of taste of the dish, which corresponds to 30%
  • The maintenance of taste of the dish, which corresponds to 20%
  • The difference of taste witch you love it, corresponds to 20%
  • The treatment of services, corresponds to 20%
  • The ambience of Food point, corresponds to 10 %

You can leave your feedback regarding price, waiting time, noise, and seating arrangement. These extra services do not affect the rate but it can improve the Food point services.

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