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Thursday, September 28, 2017

About Kitchen with Mehnaz Abid

Chef: Mehnaz Abid

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Kitchen with Mehnaz Abid provide Pakistani & Indian food recipes. The channel just doesn't at Pakistani or Indian style dishes, it is also various English meals such as breakfast, healthy diet recipes, Chinese cuisine, Arabic cuisine, American snacks, milkshakes, smoothies, beverages, desserts, cakes, and many more.

Famous Recipes

Chicken Karahi Recipe by Mehnaz Abid (6.4 Million Views)

Chicken karahi by Kitchen with Mehnaz Abid is simple recipe. In just 35 minutes, you can prepare this flavorful, spicy Pakistani Chicken Karahi by Mehnaz Abid. She used Tomato puree can be either fresh or canned. For this spicy and buttery stir-fried curry, only basic spices were used by Kitchen with Mehnaz Abid.

Kari Pakora Recipe by  Mehnaz Abid ( 5.5 Million Views)

Kari Pakora by Kitchen with Mehnaz Abid is also one of the best recipe, she makes first paste by tomatoes and then add Lassi and make fritters and mix them. She used pure ingredients in it and provide detail recipe and also give tips to make Kari Pakora well.

Shinwari beef Karahi by  Mehnaz Abid (160k views)

Shinwari beef karahi is provided by Mehnaz Abid's kitchen is easy recipe. However, Mehnaz Abid's recipe for shinwari beef karahi is wonderful since she used basic ingredients to create a tasty and healthful dish.

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