Ghar Ka Khana

Sunday, December 13, 2020

About Ghar Ka Khana

Chef name: Deepa Khurana

300k Subscribers

Food and Cooking Expert

Ghar Ka Khana makes vegetarian /non vegetarian /sweets and Pakistani recipes that are easy to cook and good in taste.  Ghar ka khana chef Deepa Khurana discover interesting and delicious recipes and connect with more food lovers.  Every recipe will make you feel Good at home. Ghar ka khana is all about sharing amazing recipes to viewers.

Famous Recipes

Karela Recipe by Ghar ka Khana (10K Views)

A healthy and diabetic friendly dish by Ghar ka Khana is simple and easy recipe. Ghar ka khana provides detail recipe of karely and also give tip that how to avoid from bitterness by using Salt.  Ghar ka khana used homemade spices and a unique and different karela recipe. Must try all vegetable lovers.

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