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Friday, April 12, 2019

About Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets

Chef: Ijaz Ansari

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Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets provides simple and delicious recipes with the common people through different means of media. His food recipes are very common but the taste he provides to people is astonishing and amazing.

Famous Recipes

Shami Kabab Recipe Ijaz Ansari (8.8 Million Views)

Ijaz Ansari makes shami kabab in a traditional way and provide good recipe. Shami kababs are soft kababs made of chana dal and chopped lamb or chicken. Ijaz Ansari used Boneless meat and by use of pressure cooker he boiled all ingredients well and make delicious Gol kababs.

Chicken Chargha by Ijaz Ansari (2.8 Million Views)

Ijaz Ansari chicken chargha is a simple recipe. Must try Chicken Chargha at Home by Ijaz Ansari because he provides detail recipe for everyone. He used best excellent spices in their recipes and also guide about their spices.

Saag By Ijaz Ansari (443k Views)

In Pakistan and northern India, sarson ka saag is traditional dish. It is a sabzi, which means that leafy vegetables and herbs are used in it. Ijaz Ansari makes saag by homemade spices which creates delicious aroma.

Chicken Nihari Recipe by Ijaz Ansari (3.6 Million Views)

Chicken Nihari Recipe by Ijaz Ansari is excellent recipe. A chicken stew cooked with yoghurt, fried onions, ginger, garlic, and wheat flour is called chicken Nihari. The specialty of this Food Fusion is he used only desi ingredients.

Kari Pakora Recipe by Ijaz Ansari (4.4 Million Views)

A favorite dish of Pakistanis and Indians is Punjabi Kadhi pakora. You won't find this nutritious, hearty dish on restaurant menus; it is mostly a home-cooked dish. Ijaz Ansari provides a smooth curry that has the consistency of a soup but uses only the most basic ingredients.

Seekh kabab Recipe by Ijaz Ansari (6.5 Million Views)

An easy recipe for Seekh Kebabs using items you probably already have. With the help of Ijaz Ansari recipe, you can create tasty, tender kebabs that won't crumble or fall off the skewers.

Siri Payee Recipe by Ijaz Ansari (1.4 Million Views)

A dish called paye has its origins in the sub-continental cuisine. Paye has a relatively straightforward but flavorful flavour, despite the difficulty of the cooking method. The luscious lamb trotters that are utilised in the meal, along with a variety of herbs and spices, give it its flavour. Ijaz Ansari Paye Recipe is a well-liked meal that is especially popular in the coldest regions of Punjab and Sindh during the winter.

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