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Thursday, May 19, 2016

About Food Fusion

Chef:  Asad & Saima

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Food Fusion is all about redefining ‘Cooking’ for you! It’s the solution to that never ending problem of preparing high quality delicious food and curtailing the eating out habits of your loved ones! With modernized and yet simple cooking methods, you are surely in for a flavorsome treat with our recipes that will surely make you the next talk of the town.

Famous Recipes 

  Masur Daal by Food Fusion (2.2 Million Views)

Masoor Dal recipe by Food Fusion is simple but easy to cook. It is a full protein Food and can be cooked by different method.  Food fusion use fried chilies to make it tasty and served with Cumin Rice “Zeera Chawal”.

 Shami kabab by Food fusion (3.9 Million Views)

Food Fusion used Beef and Dal Chana (yellow split peas) to make meatballs for Shami kebabs, which are then coated with beaten eggs for frying. This simple recipe by Food Fusion yields a considerable quantity, so you can freeze the meatballs and enjoy it later.

Aloo Qeema by Food Fusion (1.4 million views)

Aloo Qeema recipe by Food fusion is top rated as compare to other recipes on YouTube Channel. Food Fusion make this recipe easy and simple recipe by using homemade spices and provide step by step description and detail.


Chicken Qorma by Food Fusion (2.1 Million Views)

Chicken qorma can be made by different ways. Food Fusion provides step by step instruction to cook easily.  Chicken Korma, a dish from the Mughal era, is the ideal dinner party food because it is simple, quick, and fuss-free to prepare.


Kari Pakora (3.3 Million Views)

Kari pakora is made in different ways in different parts of the country, so there’s no one way to make it. They all use besan though, that’s one thing in common. A yogurt-based curry made with besan (gramme flour) and spices is served with deep-fried fritters (pakora)! But Food fusion makes its recipe best and simple by using homemade spices and their method is different from the others. Food fusion provide also detail recipe of how to make fritters best and how to dunked in the curry.

 Biryani by Food Fusion (5.2 Million Views)

Learn how to make Biryani by Food Fusion. Biryani is one of the most lovable food in Pakistan. Food fusion makes this recipe in a simple method by using desi ingredients which creates its aroma excellent and makes its different from others.

Seekh Kabab (6.8 Million Views)

Seekh Kabab, a typical Persian dish is one of the best recipe of food fusion. Seekh Kabab is made from ground beef and spices, which is then cooked on a circular grill to caramelize the flavors

Balti Ghost (551k Views)

Food fusion recipe of Balti Ghost is best and easy recipe. Balti ghost is prepared in a pot and served in mostly traditional events. Food fusion provides detail recipe with pictures and provide detail on each step how to restaurant style Balti ghost taste at home.

Mutton Nihari (1.1 Million Views)

Nihari either beef or mutton is a traditional Pakistani dish that has become popular throughout Pakistan and India. With this Mutton Nihari recipe by Food Fusion, you can prepare regal meals in the comfort of your own house. Nihari is regarded as the national dish of Pakistan. Serve with homemade fresh naan for a delightful dinner.

Saag (896k Views)

Saag is known as Mustard leaves often spelled as saag, saga. People love to eat leaf vegetable because its full of nutrients. This dish eaten with Bread or roti but in some areas people love to eat with rice. This saag recipe is easy to cook by following Food Fusion tips and method.

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